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There is a past. And it’s tense.

Shit Rough Drafts

A Tumblr of imagined ‘shitty’ first drafts of famous brand slogans and other stuff.

11 suffixes that gave us new, often terrible words

Here are some word endings that have become productive to varying degrees. At the link.


Every recipe in the world. The most powerful way to search the best recipes on the web. Search by ingredient, diet, allergy, nutrition, taste, calories, fat, price, cuisine, time, course and source.

Gravity: vfx that’s anything but down to earth

Really great, detailed piece on the visual effects behind Gravity.

Just the two of us

A photo series of owners wearing elaborate costumes in their homes.

Continental Breakfast

Watch an enthusiastic hotel guest take full advantage of the complimentary breakfast :)

Soundtrack, 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

The soundtrack to Joel and Ethan Coen’s new film reflects New York’s diverse early-’60s folk scene.

50 incredibly tough books for extreme readers

Go to the link and how many have you conquered.



Hunting Afghanistan’s Moneymen

What a search for one of the US’s most-wanted Afghan financiers can tell us about life after war in Afghanistan.

Here's how memes went viral

… in the 1800s.

Do our bones influence our minds?

Read at the link.

The Cry of Jazz: a 1959 docu about black nationalism and how whites need to understand their inferiority to play jazz

Kids react to gay marriage: “Are they gay?” “Yup” “Oh.”

Ever wondered if Wes Anderson's artistic vision was a reflection of his psyche, this proves "Yes, very much so."

Read at the link.