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Just the two of us

A photo series of owners wearing elaborate costumes in their homes.



Hunting Afghanistan’s Moneymen

What a search for one of the US’s most-wanted Afghan financiers can tell us about life after war in Afghanistan.

The Cry of Jazz: a 1959 docu about black nationalism and how whites need to understand their inferiority to play jazz



Growing Up Blind: Tommy Edison tells us about his childhood as the only blind kid in his family and in school.

The New York Subway Signs Experiment: this is how you make someone’s day.

How the world’s populations are changing, in one map

The map at the link shows which countries are growing fastest and which are shrinking.

What suicide notes look like in the social media age

A read on the rise of Twitter suicide theatre.

The weird world of ‘male chastity’

Increasing numbers of men are submitting themselves to ritual humiliation and self-imposed denial of sex, saying they get a kick out of total submission to their wives. Jeremy Wilson explores the online side of the chastity movement.



Metro Musicians

A collection of one minute videos of the fearless underground musicians, NYC.

You are what you read

14 thought leaders share their bookshelves.

Portrait of a nearly-blind street photographer in New York.

Rock and Roll Heart: a 1998 documentary that retraces the remarkable career of Lou Reed.

Lou Reed on life on the road

Read the 1996 New Yorker piece at the link.

One day in the life of Mikhail Khodorkovsky

Read about Russia’s most famous prisoner.

7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world

Find out at the link.